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Do Good to Be Good is established with an aim to transform our world into a best place to live for all. It is a common opinion from all that being good is not that easy, but not. It is our mistake in understanding well about, what does it mean to be a good person or citizen. Do not confuse yourself too much because it is very simple. For example, if you are doctor, then be a good doctor. Similarly, be a good friend, be a good neighbor, be a good parent, be a good wife, be a good engineer and so on. Whatever you are just try to do good in it and it will make your task of being good is simple and easy. We as a team at “Do Good to Be Good’ always intended to educate everyone on this perspective because people often think that being good can make them lose something. It is our first aim to make the people realize that being good is benefit for yourself, but it doesn’t make you lose something.

We ask a doctor to be good by extending his/her services at free to the poor those can’t afford treatment. Similarly, a good wife or good parent can do a lot by extending their role to little further. It is definitely a point we want to stress that being good is good for your own and there is no spending needed in any format. It needs extending your purview little further than, what you’re doing now. We’re all always open to talk with you on this concept and help you to good further more than, what you’re doing now. This is to instill some social conscience into all that can empower our world in a better way. It is we you can reach us any time for a dialogue or suggestion about motivating you towards doing something good.

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